You can count on the full support by the FNEC FP FO and its unions to your STRUGGLE TO OVERTHROW THE MEMORANDUM POLICY IN GREECE, to the general strike you are calling today, the 10th of February, with the unions of the public and private sectors, and to the demonstrations which you organize.

You are right to say  ?THE TROIKA MUST LEAVE THE COUNTRY?.

The same questions are raised in our country, where austerity measures already have caused many damages, that would be amplified by the new EU treaty, which is a denial of democracy aiming at imposing the dictatorship of the debt and its ?pacts? on people. As you say, “We do not acknowledge this debt! It has to be cancelled!”

As we said in Brussel on the 20th of January, it is urgent that the Education International and the CSEE shoulder their responsibilities and say:

  • Cancel the austerity plans, whatever the government in office
  • No to the memorandums of the EU, ECB and IMF and to government policies
  • Stop budget cuts on education and health
  • No to salary and pension cuts
  • No dismissals, no school closures
  • No abolition of collective bargaining


We wish all success to your struggle and your demands.

Hubert Raguin, FNEC FP FO g?n?ral secretary

Jacques Paris, FNEC FP FO Federal Secretary in charge of the International Sector

You may download the file … here