Solidarity with the workers and people of Greece

Troika, out!

European Union, out!

The people of Greece are rising up.

Following two days of a general strike called by the trade union confederations (GSEE and ADEDY), the workers, youth and the general public took over the centre of Athens on Sunday to demand that the new austerity plan imposed on the country by the IMF and European Union was not passed by Parliament.

On behalf of the financial markets, this plan of unprecedented brutality imposes:

  • A 22 percent reduction in the minimum wage as well as a new reduction in retirement pensions;
  • 150,000 job-cuts in the civil service;
  • The complete and immediate privatisation of the water, electricity and railway systems.

This disaster comes on top of all the measures that have already been taken against the Greek people over the course of two years by the ?socialist? Papandreou government and the current government of ?national unity?.

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