Solidarity message to the striking teachers of the Chicago Teachers Union

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Greek teachers, the Executive Board of OLME declares its unreserved solidarity and firm support to your efforts wishing success in the strike and all the mobilizations you have launched.

We would like to express our support to your rightful struggle leading to the improvement of teachers? working conditions, classroom conditions, class size and the increase of social workers, counselors, technicians and school nurses.

We would also like to express our full support to your fight against an evaluation based on students? performance leading thus to teachers being discharged.

Teachers, students and their families are paying dearly the cost of the crisis caused by both the international and local, financial and political elites. The elites themselves are threatening to dismantle schools and educational structures by means of cuts in funding, evaluation measures, school unit closures, class size increase, casualisation and collective bargaining abolition, etc. They aim at saving banks and the interests of the affluent, condemning thus the majority of workers and the poor to ignorance.

We, the teachers, are declaring that our needs stand beyond their profits.

We strongly support your efforts and the efforts of people around the world who resist the tough, neoliberal austerity measures.

The teachers in Greece are struggling to overthrow the government policy which along with the troika (EU-ECB-IMF) has already implemented a severe austerity programme affecting salaries and pensions and imposing continuous cuts in the fields of education and health.

Your fight is truly our fight.

We are going to win.

Good Luck.

You may download the related file in pdf format … here