Complaint against the new Israeli criminal attack on Palestinian people

Another ruthless bloodshed of the Palestinian people in Gaza is  underway, caused by the Israeli occupation forces launching hundreds of raids and missile attacks, killing dozens of Palestinians, children being among them, and wounding hundreds of others. The Israeli leadership continues its terrorist operations in the Gaza Strip undisturbed, threatening even with land invasion ?if it deems necessary?.

Once more, the criminal state of Israel takes on the ?policeman?s role? in the wider region enjoying the complete tolerance and coverage of its high protectors in the US and the EU, as well as the support of the Greek government with which it has a political and military cooperation. Israel is escalating its aggressiveness against the Palestinian people in order to undermine its unity, to threaten peace in the region and perpetuate the occupation of Palestinian territories.

The Executive Board of OLME categorically denounces the new barbarous raid of the militarist state of Israel against the much-suffering Palestinian people. OLME also expresses its deep solidarity towards the just struggle for peace and national independence carried out by the Palestinian people.

Israeli attacks must stop now!

The Israeli occupation army must withdraw. There must be a Palestinian state on the basis of the 1967 borders, with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

Military exercises and all military cooperation agreements between Greece – Israel must be cancelled.

Solidarity with the Palestinian people!

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