Statement of support and solidarity for Greek public and private sector trades unions in their General Strike 6 November 2013

(Please forward this to all trade unions and confederations involved)

As members of the Greece Solidarity Campaign delegation which visited and met with leading and grass-roots trade unionists, social pharmacy and social solidarity centre organisers, municipal activists, university staffs, peace campaigners and political figures resisting austerity in the Athens area on 27, 28, 29 and 30 October 2013, we send a message of solidarity and greetings to Greek public and private sector trade unions and their members taking general strike action on Wednesday 6 November 2013.

Your struggle against austerity and the way austerity measures are abused to degrade social and political life throughout Greece is vital to us because if this can be inflicted on the Greek people, then it can be rolled out across the whole of Europe. We wish you victory in your struggle.

 Signed: Mary Compton (past National President, National Union of Teachers), Tony Simpson (Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation), Mike Davis (editor, ?The Chartist?), James Youd (Treasurer, Greece Solidarity Campaign), Cllr Isidoros Diakides (London Borough of Haringey), Bob Archer (President, Redbridge Association, National Union of Teachers), Simon Renton (National President, University and College Union), Christine Blower (president of NUT and ETUCE)

 And on behalf of and with the support of the whole Greece Solidarity Campaign