Solidarity with Teachers in Greece
The ETUCE stands in solidarity with the Federation of Secondary School Teachers of Greece (OLME) in their struggle against the government?s civilian mobilisation order which prevents trade unions from exercising a right to strike action.
The government?s decision erodes basic civil liberties and democratic rights. Originally intended to be used in situations related to natural disasters or wars, this mobilisation order will now threaten Greek teachers with possible imprisonment or dismissal if it is disobeyed.
The ETUCE wishes to express its support to all who call for the right to strike to be upheld.
The ETUCE also deplores heavy wage reductions, mass lay-offs of teachers, education budget cuts and other measures which jeopardise the future of Greece. Conditionalities attached to loans from international lenders have had a detrimental effect on the Greek population. Austerity has undermined trust in joint solutions at European level. Time has come to restore public confidence by reversing austerity and boosting public investment, including investment in education.
The ETUCE calls on the government of Greece to listen to the voice of its social partners who call for measures in the interest of all the people of Greece. More than ever before, democracy must be strengthened by improving social dialogue at national level. The ETUCE supports the demands of OLME and of all who struggle to uphold fundamental social rights in Greece.

For the ETUCE,
Martin R?mer
European Director

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