Manifesto of Education

From Unions, Associations, Education Networks
Florence, November 2012

As unions, associations, Education and Research networks, aware of their role and mission in our society, want to give a contribution from their countries to the economic and cultural growth, in order to overcome the European and international crisis and the regressive and restrictive policies which are going nowhere. Educational areas that we represent give a guarantee of democracy and train informed and motivated citizens, capable of analyzing problems and seeking solutions, as well as accepting individual or collective responsibility.

Effective education needs quality, authenticity and must take into consideration diversity, whatever it is, as well as a democratization of its production and diffusion.

Education belongs to our people and their democratic and free societies and is essential to the construction of a better future.

The states in their politics must take into consideration their citizens’ quality of life and must increase their physical well-being, moral and cultural development as well as the transmission of knowledge.

In order to guarantee quality of education, control and transparency of educational systems open to all and for all, without distinction of race, culture and religion, public investments are necessary.

Freedom of teaching must be guaranteed by the states to ensure the autonomy of educational institutions and the collegial structure of the decisions. Measures must be taken to increase the attractiveness and the career-advancement to ensure sufficient salaries in all countries and at the same time to build up the quality of the teaching as well as to develop the knowledge to the university staff (teachers, educators, education professionals,  researchers, administrative, technical).

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