Press Release

On Thursday 7 February 2013 a meeting was held between OLME (Greek Federation of secondary education state school teachers) and GEW (Union for Education and Science) in Athens. Mr. Ulrich Th?ne, president of GEW, and Mr. Manfred Brinkmann, GEW coordinator for international relations, had the chance to meet with members of the E. B of OLME and KEMETE.


Within the framework of this meeting a press conference was organized in OLME premises on facing common problems in the field of education by both countries and by Europe as a whole. The discussion focused on the common problems that preoccupy teachers in both countries as well as employees across Europe.

Nikos Papachristos, president of OLME, in his opening speech stressed the importance of GEW?s contribution in presenting an objective picture of the contemporary Greek reality and Greek education problems in Europe. He thanked the GEW president on behalf of OLME for his support and he wished that both trade unions continue their close cooperation.

Mr. Papachristos referred to the serious problems pupils face in schools, such as malnutrition, and the dropout rate during compulsory education. Teachers in Greece face serious problems. Particularly, the newly appointed teachers are often compelled to move out in the place they are appointed under adverse circumstances receiving a salary of 600 Euros.

He reported, also, that in the middle of the school year there are still 1.600 vacant teaching posts and for the first time pupils run the risk of exclusion from the final examinations due to the inability of the state to provide teaching staff and fill the vacant posts.

Finally, he pointed out, that unemployment is a huge problem leading to forced migration of qualified and well trained scientists which would contribute to the economic growth and prosperity of the country.

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